Construction Documents For Building Plans, Papers And Specification

Construction documents provide set of informative documents like building plans, bidding papers, specification and other related documents. All the documents are used for various purposes like bidding papers explain the bidding format, which can be easily understood by users. For accurate and functional outputs, construction documents become professional necessity for all structural engineers in a building project.

Construction documentation begins with developer. Professional draftsman drafts the plan of building and provides it to the contractor or builder. After this primary process contractor or builder revise the provided plans and works accordingly. Construction documents include various structural drawings, foundation plans and structural framing plans. Whenever any construction project is beginning, the engineers make drawings for various structural phases. Structural Drawings provide such crucial information like accurate dimensions required materials. Steel drawing is the most required part of construction documents as it assures building stability. All the steel joints can be evaluated by using the steel drawings. It also used to judge the stress to be applied on structure. In the modern time cost is most effective factor. So industry is paying more attention on not to waste the material. By accurate drawings engineers identify the material specification required in building construction.

Basically construction documentation services include structural drawings, foundation plans with column schedules, roof truss, joist details, connection details, pre stressed structure drawings, element elevations, bill of material, quantity estimation and bar bending schedule. All the phases are gone through the international standards and codes. For better output construction industry has introduced cad technology. Using cad in documentation, stable and accurate building is guaranteed. Once all the preparation is completed, a set of documents sent to the builder or contractor for revision. All the specifications are accurate but it may be possible that some errors are there and due to flexibility it not becomes a big issue. All the errors can be solved easily as various software are available. Especially for outsourcing purpose, it is never easy to send your requirements as there are some resources that provide transparent and flexible environment. One can save time and cost by outsourcing the documentation projects.

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